Suhong CHAE  (Dept. of Anthropology, SNU)

Director, Seoul National University Asia Center
Head of Research, HK⁺ Mega-Asia Research Project Group

Vietnam, multinational corporations, industrial relations

Affiliated Researchers

Oh Young KWON (Dept. of Korean History, SNU)

Maritime exchange in East Asia, comparative research of East Asian ancient states

Byung-Joon KIM (Dept. of Asian History, SNU)

Formation of East Asian civilizations, ancient East Asian states

Beomshik SHIN (Dept. of Political Science and International Relations, SNU)

Deputy Director, Seoul National University Asia Center

Russian studies, Russian politics, diplomatic policy

Kyung-Chul JOU (Dept. of Western History, SNU)

Maritime history, Civilizational exchange

Baek Yung KIM (Dept. of Sociology, SNU)

Urban sociology, historical sociology, cultural sociology

Jongil KIM (Dept. of  Archaeology & Art History, SNU)

Eurasia civilization exchange, heritage and public archaeology

Soojin PARK (Dept. of Geography, SNU)

Soil geography, spatial analyses, land-use change modelling, regional issues in developing countries

Dong-Kyun IM (Dept. of Sociology, SNU)

Social psychology, political sociology, social theory, statistical methods

HK Professor

Heonik KWON │Professor in Social Anthropology

Pan-Asian community, Asian Cold War, legacies of the Vietnamese War and the Korean War

Ilhong KOAssistant Professor in Archaeology

Korean prehistoric and proto-historic archaeology, East Asian maritime networks, North Korean archaeology, Asian heritage

Ho KIM │Professsor in History

Korean history (Joseon Dynasty), intellectual exchange in East Asia, global Korean Studies

HK Research Professor

Ka Young KO│Contemporary Western History

Human rights movement, migration history of Russian jews and Koryoin, Islam, museum studies, gulag

Seonyoung PARK│Historical Geography

HGIS (Historical GIS), modern topographic maps, old maps

Dae-yeong YOUN│History

Vietnamese history, East Asian history, Cham history, history of exchange between the East and West, history of Buddhism

Minjae ZOH│Archaeology, Cultural Heritage

UNESCO, Intangible/tangible museums, political cultural heritage

Jungwon Huh│Social Welfare 

Immigration and transnational family, inequalities, data visualization and storytelling

Gi Yeon KOO│Anthropology

Psychological anthropology, Iranian young generation, Muslim women, new media, Islam

Woo Jin SHIM│Geography

GIS, Big Data, spatial modelling

Myung Moo LEE│Business Administration

Institutional Voids, Appropriate Technology, Base of the Pyramid

Kyunghee Choi│Political Science

Indonesian politics, Indonesian society and culture, consumer market and distribution in Indonesia, ASEAN community, Korea-ASEAN diplomatic relations, Korea-Indonesia diplomatic relations