《Mega-Asia Portal》, a platform bringing together reports on Mage-Asia

Reports on major issues occurring in various regions of Asia are being published by several research institutes but there is no platform that organize them and allows them to be viewed in one place. The 《Mega-Asia Portal》 aims to provide users with a clear view of specific topics and national issues by organizing reports and analyzes issued by various organizations by subject and country and allowing them to be accessed in one place. The portal provides information on what issues domestic research institutions and researchers are paying attention to, which issues are important in the current international situation, and what issues are particularly noteworthy at any point in time. It provides a platform for understanding. Furthermore, this portal provides information on how various topics are related to each other by applying big data technology to provide users with a systematic and extensive analysis of current issues.

The Mega Asia Portal collected research reports on major issues in Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, and West Asia, as well as the entire Asian region, which were published by domestic research institutes. As of February 9, 2022, a total of 377 reports have been collected, and the targeted organizations and contents will continuously be expanded.

The 《Mega-Asia Portal》 allowed one of the goals of the HK+ Mega-Asia Research Project Group to be achieved: “Building a knowledge sharing platform for networking with Asian research institutes”. A comprehensive search function will be provided for the Asian region through the 《Mega-Asia Portal》. In addition, this portal can not only make academic contributions to the Mega-Asia research agenda but also disseminate information and research results to academia and government organizations interested in Asia.