The 《Mega-Asia Information Sharing Platform》, supporting comparative regional studies of Mega-Asia and Asia.

The need to respond to rapidly changing international and market conditions by collecting and analyzing huge amounts of data has emerged is this ‘Era of Data.’ The 《Mega-Asia Information Sharing Platform》 aims to provide the metadata that is required to facilitate actual data use by archiving and establishing links between various indices and databases, which may help to identify trends in Asia.

The 《Mega-Asia Information Sharing Platform》 is a tool that will make it possible to gain insight through simple data analysis, presenting timely interpretations of the regionalization of Asia based on a database that provides the foundations for comparative regional studies of Mega-Asia and Asia.

By continuously providing data-based analysis on various issues relevant to Asia, we aim to produce regional information on, as well as enhance the understanding of, each Asian region. This will make it possible to display, both simultaneously and diachronically, the identity and dynamism of each region that comprises Mega-Asia. A key function of the 《Mega-Asia Information Sharing Platform》is to systematically collect, analyze, and provide multi-scale data, and to explore the historical implications of the dynamics of Mega-Asia through digital humanities contents centered on old maps