Reviewing the Mega-Asia region through the 《Diverse+Asia》 webzine

The demand for in-depth analysis of various issues relevant to Asia has increased steadily. The ‘Asian Regional Review Research Team’ was launched accordingly in 2019, utilizing the human and material resources accumulated by SNUAC over the past 9 years. A key task of the ‘Asian Region Review Research Team’ was to publish a webzine focusing on issues of exchange, cooperation, and integration in Asia, which combines and crosses Asian regions and themes.

As is suggested by the name of the webzine, 《Diverse+Asia》, the Asian region is, above all, diverse. The research team addresses with the diverse historical, social, religious-cultural, and political-economic contexts of current issues in Asia from an in-depth perspective and aims to reveal new insights.

In 2020, the ‘Asian Regional Review Research Team’ was incorporated into the HK+ Mega-Asia Research Project Group. Since then, it has produced timely contents, created through the contributions of international and domestic experts studying each region of Asia, relevant to the ‘Mega-Asia’ research agenda. This webzine aims to serve as an online platform for Asian studies through popular and professional analysis of the Asian region. It also aims to deliver more lively information on Asia by serving as a window to draw current implications for the Asian region.