Migration and mobility, the basis for the formation of a ‘New Asia’

Seoul National University Asia Center introduces the new concept of ‘Mega-Asia’ through this book, aiming to address the emerging and changing aspects of ‘one but diverse Asia’ from an in-depth perspective. In particular, this book deals with migration and mobility(s), which contribute to the forming and changing of ‘New Asia’ in dynamic and colorful ways. The explosive increase in regional mobility and connectivity in Asia is accompanied by geo-political and geo-economic imaginations at the level of individual countries, while also bringing about various changes in the sphere of the everyday lives of individuals and groups. In particular, the increase in travel, mobility, and connectivity across various places in Asia requires a new space and imagination to embody a ‘new Asia.’

This book attempts to ask questions about the ‘New Asia’ that can be experienced and imagined while tracing the various aspects of migration and mobility within Asia today.

Faced with the prospects of a new Asian Era in which migration and mobility are commonplace, this book asks what are the preparations and new imaginations that are needed. This complex issue is explored through six articles.



Table of Contents
  1. (Non-)mobility between the Philippines and Korea – Seori Choi (Migration Research & Training Center)
  2.  China’s great population movement and new urbanization experiment: with focus on the ‘ urbanization of people’ – Jeongseok Yoon (Seoul National Unoversity Asia Center)
  3. Korean-ASEAN regional cooperation from the perspective of international migration – Yeonghee Cho (Migration Research & Training Center)
  4. Another Exodus: the return migration of Russians from Kazakhstan – Ahyeong Choi (Seoul National University Asia Center)
  5. Nepal’s youth generation and global labor migration – Gyeonghak Kim (Department of Cultural Anthropology and Archaeology, Jeonnam National University)
  6. Muslims in Europe, the world they live in: process and conflicts of migration, settlement, and social integration – Soojeong Lee (Graduate School of Arabic Interpretation and Translation, Hanguk University of Foreign Studies)